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Comment | WM2K commented on Downswing/Tilt problem?

10k hands a day is an insane amount of volume and unreasonable unless you are a true mega grinder.

Take a breather, play fewer tables. I play maybe 2k hands on a full day.

Oh ya and welcome to the life of full time grinding. Swongs are part of what happens and need to get a thick skin.

July 10, 2019 | 1:41 p.m.

If recreational players would treat huds as a some kind of cheat or whatever wouldn't they just go and play on hudless sites?

Or they just don t play online at all which is probably what happens more often then not. Saying that Pokerstars allows HUDs and is therefore the market leader is absurd. They took control of the online poker market because they did not leave the USA after UIEGA like Party did, had the windfall of Chris Moneymaker winning the world series after qualifying through their site, aggressive marketing strategy and top of the line software. However even on pokerstars cash game traffic is going down, not up.

In a GTO world the HUD should be allowed,

Why is this true? Why would best online environment be where 3rd party software use is the norm? You realize the only reason you need to use a HUD is because the rest of the regulars are using it. It costs the player pool as a whole a lot of $$ and creates an even larger barrier of entry into a game where we should be looking to make it as easy as possible for new players to come in and have a good time. Tracking software has gone well beyond tools like holdem manager and PT4. Hand2Note is just ridiculous when all the features are enabled and this is just what is publicly available.

I agree that buying HH's should be strictly forbidden, as it gives players unfair edge.

You can not stop players from sharing their databases with eachother. There are stables which basically hire data analysts to go through their collective databases in order to find population and player specific exploits. If you are not on their team they are basically colluding vs the rest of the player pool.

this is very likely just as an excuse for a live poker player because it's though to admit to someone that they can't beat games.

Ok and so if they dont want to learn how to use the 3rd party software they should just keep playing live where they are comfortabe? That great, then now you can get your wish and play against only the winning players spending a lot of $$ on the latest tracking software.

June 22, 2019 | 3:56 p.m.

The only reason HUDs are considered alright and not cheating by the regular community is because they have been around for a long time with nothing being done about them. If pokerstars truly endorsed they would sell the sofware or provide it somehow in the client. This however is obviously not the case and they just tolerate its use for one reason or another. The idea that casual players "dont care about HUDs" is just false. I live with a casual card player who is severely turned away from poker due to HUDs and quite certain she is not the only one.

HUDs are just part of a sliding scale of assistance software. Real time solvers and bots are one extreme which are clearly considered cheating, HUDs are data collection/management assistance which for whatever reason is not considered cheating. We are not entitled to use any 3rd party software and just because you spend money and time on the software does not make it wrong for any site to disallow its use.

The only dubious decision from party is the lack of HHs but even hand histories get grossly abused these days. Datamining has been a problem forever, now there is several stables and CFP programs which pool their collected data and run high level data analysis looking for leaks in everyones games.

Online cash is dying quickly and it needs to become approachable to casual players again. Most/all third party software makes the game less fun and less approachable and poker already has a large barrier of entry online. Like it or not the anti HUD policies are slowly becoming the norm.

June 22, 2019 | 9:28 a.m.

Comment | WM2K commented on Pursuit of Balance

Ya ok running some toy games and pretty sure question is too vague as it depends. At least for river it depends on SPR, size of the bets, and size of the mistakes.

June 11, 2019 | 2:10 p.m.

Haha, games are good.

June 8, 2019 | 4:02 p.m.

Try this experiment:

Go to your local chess club and challenge someone to a match. Just something small like 10-20$/game. See how much action you get from "imbeciles" (really dislike this term lol) as you like to call them. My guess is you will be the one on the imbecile end of things more often then not.

June 8, 2019 | 4 p.m.

Of course it is not. I honestly can not believe that this thread has not being removed from the forum yet. Someone openly discussing blatant cheating through assistance software....

June 4, 2019 | 7:17 p.m.

Saying you must have a solver to beat small stakes is a bit strong imo. There are certainly people who do well at the game and barely have touched solvers. However because they obv show you a robust strategy they are quite useful but there are plenty of pitfalls. Just like making use out of any other analysis software that has ever existed its a skill on its own to use it effectively.

Learning to use CREV does sound like a good idea. It is a nice tool for exploring toy games, you can use it to create a hypothesis then check your ideas with a solver and see how it differs. Stuff like this. Overall you want to strive to understand the fundamental principles which drive all of these games especially as solvers spit out so much information and not all of it is of the same importance.

June 4, 2019 | 6:22 a.m.

Didnt run a sim but ran some quick equity calcs to see where AAQ4&bd is in our range. Sitting around the 60th percentile so ya would be surprised if this was a fold in solverland although not entirely impossible.

May 24, 2019 | 8:21 a.m.

Sure the money definitely spices it up and play money poker is silly

April 23, 2019 | 2:24 p.m.

If you enjoy it just for the sake of doing it then do it. It must be fun, rewarding, enjoyable etc first. Profitable second. You are right its a lot of work, how profitable it stands to be is unclear. It absolutely must be fun first. Playing strictly for the money is just not worth it even when we are talking 500nl+. Trust me it does not get easier or less grueling. In fact only harder and more grueling haha.

Play for fun, for joy of challenging yourself, because you find the game beautiful and intriguing. The money almost does not matter win or lose. Assuming you are within your means of course.

April 22, 2019 | 7:04 p.m.

Heres me hoping for a MTG vid just for the fun.

April 15, 2019 | 12:34 p.m.

you deserve to win their money.

The reality is that we/you deserve nothing. Ever. It is not a right to play online poker. Never has been, never will be.

A poker room is a business and needs to spread games that stay alive. If all the weak players get pounded and discouraged because every reg on the site is using HUDs that are 40$+/m + 200$ initial start up cost then the games will not run. Whether you personally like anon games does not matter. Whatever gives the casual demographic a comfortable/convenient/fair/fun playing experience that matters. They fuel the games and most sites are clearly going down the route of reducing/eliminating professional tools.

If you disagree then why do you deserve to use powerful tracking software to win their money? Do you also deserve to use real time solvers? How about just programming a machine to play for you. In some sense this machine is just an extension of yourself so thats fair right? Ok so now super powered HUDs are fine, real time solvers also cool, bots are fine. How long do you think your avg casual player is gonna keep playing when it costs a few hundred per month just to level the playing field? If they dont they just get crushed because players bought HHs, have all their tendencies displayed on screen with all their known ranges available street by street, node by node.

As Phil Galfond explained in his blog posts leading up to the launch of RIO.eu the anon games and other policies are strictly in place to make HUDs as irrelevant as possible. He said himself that he likes the history built up over time due to known names but could not justify that decision as it allows for HUDs to be effectively used. So like all things in life compromises have to be made.

If you still think you deserve to use HUD and tracking software to have a machine keep track of opponents tendencies for you well you are wrong.

April 9, 2019 | 7:35 a.m.

Comment | WM2K commented on I Read Cards, Not Minds

You can buy his book for relatively cheap. Idk how informative it actually is but its good fun.

March 13, 2019 | 9:49 a.m.

You can switch them though.

March 5, 2019 | 7:56 a.m.

Being a skill game and being a gambling game are not mutually exclusive. Poker is both. Backgammon is also a skill intensive game often played for money. When played for money its also gambling.

Gambling is the wagering of money or something of value on an event with an uncertain outcome, with the primary intent of winning money or material goods.

Pulled this from Wikipedia. Definitely describes what is happening in a poker game despite it being possible to gamble with an edge.

Feb. 24, 2019 | 6:16 p.m.

Also saw so stupid things from regulars at PLO200, people were literally going crazy with rainbow trash to win 20bb STP-s. Raise+3-bet= All-in. Im no lottery expert but I´m starting to think that at this point it must be more profitable to fold, take that money and buy a pile of lottery tickets instead. Thats not poker, 0% of skill, just pure gambling.

I personally think this is one of the best parts about splash pots. They are fairly skill intensive esp the 3-20bb range due to changing preflop dynamics. If regulars wanna just do crazy things for a pile of gold coins ya go ahead. Sounds good to me. Better then the regulars playing well lol.

Also there is no such thing as a "true poker game". Its a massive family of games with all sorts of rules. Some of which have more of a "luck" element at one end of the spectrum (maybe hyper SNGs are an example, flip plaques gonna be the extreme of this), others have relatively little "luck" element (NLHE cash perhaps). Apparently the game that has a very very good balance between "luck" and skill is Stud. When NLHE cash became a thing Stud was the "real poker game" and people complained. I m sure the same thing happened when PLO became more popular. "too much variance, everyone just flips for stacks" is what a lot of NLHE players thought i m sure. I certainly felt that way a bit lol.

The right balance between enough "luck" and skill is critical component of strong game design. Not enough random events and the game gets stale and the players with the edge becomes too clear and its not fun for the underdogs. Try playing chess for 200$ a game and see what happens. Even backgammon for 2$ a point haha.

Fwiw I agree that perhaps the way the huge splashes are done could be reconsidered due to disparity in stack sizes. They are rare enough though that it doesnt really matter anyways. At the higher stakes they almost never happen. Biggest I ve seen is like 20bb and I ve played a decent volume on RIO so far at the 200plo and 500nl games.

Feb. 23, 2019 | 10:31 a.m.

Only slightly though. Very close to 0ev but lots of fun EV and lullz for the dudes you most likely wanna be playing against. So in the end its probably actually +ev.

Never mind the fact that 3-10bb splashes are actually very skill intensive. In fact I d say thats almost one of the downfalls. Theres a chance that splashes are actually too punishing for weaker players.

But w/e if you wanna play software filled "skillful" formats with loads of regs, stars is still gonna be going strong for a long while yet.

Feb. 22, 2019 | 1:59 p.m.

Seeing frequencies on a display wasnt a thing until pokertracker was a thing lol. I guess all poker before poker tracker wasnt real pokers...

Anon is just different. In fact Alex Scott from MPN wrote an article about how the biggest winners in their pool actually win more in anon. And the weak players have more fun losing. So its win win for everyone. I guess if you hate winning more and wanna battle reg filled line ups with super powerful software that costs 40$+/m then theres options around for that as well. Just not gonna be RIO poker.

Feb. 22, 2019 | 1:47 p.m.

If you read through Phils blog posts you see that anon was a compromise to effectively ban HUDs. You can still color mark villains as well as take notes (and they stick for 4hrs) which is uncommon for anon oriented sites.

Splash the pot is the nuts btw. Juices up the action and makes the game way more fun. And the net rake is as good or better then the major providers.

Feb. 8, 2019 | 1:47 p.m.

HUDs and seating scripts should have been dealt with 10 yrs ago lol.

Feb. 8, 2019 | 1:37 p.m.


Helpful tool for the cause.

Feb. 7, 2019 | 9:32 a.m.

They just take 51% of the rake and throw it back into the pots for people to play for. It would nt be any different if they gave it to you in the form of a play through bonus and you had to wager it again. Except that splash pots are WAY WAY WAY more fun then any stupid play through bonus or points system. Favorites in the game are going to win the money wagered at a higher rate then everyone else no matter how the bonuses are distributed unless underdogs chose not to play.

Splash pots increase the number of totally absurd situations that occur and keep you thinking "wow wonder whats gonna happen the next hand!". This is very important from a fun gaming experience perspective. Ben Brode has discussed these concepts in relation to Hearthstone. They are particularly fun and rewarding (from a fun perspective) when they increase the size of the game tree and make for more complex decisions. This definitely happens with splash pots.

Nothing is going to be more "fair" then literally taking the raked monies and throwing it back into the pot for everyone to play for. We came to RIO to play poker, and now lets play some poker. Playing with a bit of antes is just as much "real poker" as any other game. Live poker is full of fun ways to juice up the action like straddles, kill pots, 72 bonuses, bomb pots, big blind ante and the list goes on and on. Splash pots do EXACTLY the same thing except that its special because its something that must be executed online.

No chasing bonuses with little hope of playing them through, no grinding out a million+ hands a year, no going through backdoor affiliates to get some shady deal, no opening chests getting random rewards that are nearly useless. Think about how refreshing this is!

Oh lets not forget theres actually a system that actually effectively bans HUDs and seating scripts for once. All you need to do is log in and play. No nonsense.

Feb. 7, 2019 | 8:54 a.m.

I believe so yes.

Feb. 6, 2019 | 4:49 p.m.

Seems a reasonably successful launch. Small stakes pools have at least as much action as most non party/stars sites. And this is with random hiccups with deposit issues and stuff. Games are good too and STP is confirmed pretty fun.

Feb. 6, 2019 | 4:28 p.m.

Was playing today myself and I think the splashes come in at a decent frequency esp lower which loosens the game up again. Games where definitely nice.

Keep in mind its still a work in progress and RIO are definitely going to be adjusting the STP to keep games exciting and fun.

Feb. 6, 2019 | 4:24 p.m.

The site only actually rakes half of those numbers. The other half gets dumped into the pot in the form of splash pots (which are confirmed super fun btw).

When you take this into account + a nice deposit bonus RIO is at least competitive with major providers. Then if you want even more you can get on the streaming program and get an easy extra 25%.

Feb. 6, 2019 | 4 p.m.

haha what stakes? nice1

Feb. 6, 2019 | 3:51 p.m.

Would blow me away if live events where not on the table for some point in the future. Most online poker providers, even the smaller networks, have some kind of live tour.

Step 1 is have a smooth launch and get the party started. Step 2 is everything else :D.

Feb. 6, 2019 | 7:30 a.m.

One thing to add is that everyone should get on twitch tomorrow. Either stream yourself or watch a RIO player streaming while you are playing. Sneak it in at work. Anything. Just spam twitch, get the poker channel to the top, and lets overwhelm that lobby. We do not want someone streaming stars at the top and all we should see is those funny avatars going to battle over splashed pots.

Feb. 5, 2019 | 4:15 p.m.

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