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We have the Continental Hydraulic Hose fittings that are used in the majority of the industrial setups that we have. 

Many applications were a first a dream but then afterwards they became a reality. 

All because of the hydraulics fittings. How are they classified? What makes them different? What are the types? All of them are given below:

  1. Mini tools:

This is the first category of tools. The tools in this section are the smallest in size. They are used for taking care of tiny and basic tasks. They cannot handle high-force tasks

  1. Micro Tools:

Micro tools are the second category. They are used for handling tasks that have a higher threshold value for force. Consider them a toolbox which can be used along the way. 

  1. Standard tools:

The first option for people when they think about setting up and maintaining the hydraulics system is the standard tools. They can handle industrial tools settings which last for many years. 

  1. Industrial tools:

When you have high-grade machinery, the aspect of the car also changes with time. Any kind of industrial instalments can easily be used and maintained using these. There s no other quality above this.

June 24, 2023 | 10:10 a.m.

Benefits of Hydraulic Hose

Finding a way to store your hose is much easier than you would think. You do not have to invest a lot of money in-store it. Just put it in an old-fashioned round plastic box and tie it shut. The hydraulic hose can last for years without a problem.

Get it online

This is another way of storing your hose. Get it online from Amazon for the most excellent price and the same quantity you would need. Even when you are not using it for a while, it will keep its pristine condition.

Use Plastic Hose Storage Bins

You can find plastic hoses containers online as well. Some even have little sliding compartments that can be opened. You can keep your hose neatly tucked away from others. They are available in a wide range of sizes that would fit every need.

How to store your hydraulic hose

I'm sure most of you have installed your hydraulic pumps, cylinders, and related hoses in a 4-5 gallon pail. One of the biggest benefits of this size of a container is that there is enough room on the sides for the hose to run through the pail. If the container is too small you are going to be keeping the hose running in the pail, and that isn't recommended. Keep in mind that when moving, if you're not aware that the hose is running, then you could do some serious damage. So before you are throwing out a good container, take the time to think about what will happen if you don't know.

How big is too big to store your hydraulic hoses? There are several options that you have:

Hoses that have not been used very much can be stored in a 5-gallon bucket for about 6 months and still be usable.

When should you replace your hydraulic hose?

Hydraulic hoses do not last forever, nor should you expect them to last forever. For most commercial or off-highway applications, your hydraulic hose will need to be replaced after a couple of years. You don’t have to replace it at that time, but it will likely be much cheaper to do so than it is to buy a new one and your customers will thank you for it. Although you don’t have to immediately replace your hydraulic hose every two years, you should inspect it when you do. That way, you will avoid anything like a sagging line or a hose stretching and you will know if something is wrong. In some cases, you may be able to repair a leaking hose without replacing it completely. If it isn’t a matter of going in, looking, and fixing the problem then you should do so.

July 2, 2022 | 5:58 a.m.

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